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Selling EQ2 Accounts


You want to be able to choose the best characters for your races and after that, you need to choose the classes in which they will belong. Classes are used to divide the races even further and this helps to set them aside, so that they are not so different from one another.


There is the fighter class, whose main work is combat and defense. You can differentiate them from what they wear and this may help you notice them as they fight against their foes. The warriors for example are some characters who are fighters from the name and so is the monks but the latter is a defensive fighter as opposed to the former. The warriors carry weapons and in its category is the knight, which uses magic and uses fear to scare away all its opponents. The monks have the dragons’ monk and the drunken monks division. The dragon causes a lot of damage on a large scale very fast and the drunken monk is very aggressive, its name has nothing to do with its character.


Your Sell EQ2 accounts will be filled with characters that come from these classes, so you have to know how they behave. There are many belonging to the spell caster class, and the rate at which they cast spells depends on their characteristics and personalities. They case spells in defense or in combat. Some of the characters can heal some of their injured compatriots but can deal a deadly blow to their opponents in combat.


Are you really good at playing this MMORPG? Do you want to get paid for your skills? The internet has created a chance for you to get this kind of payment for your skills. You can sell EQ2 sell account choosing the characters that are good for your teams is hard and tiring and it will take a lot of trial and effort on your part. Having a good account is a laborious task, which you can get paid for if you want. You can also crate the characters that are easy to create and sell them for a cheaper price. If the kind of character you know how to create has a demand in the market, you will be in luck.


If you will sell EQ2 account, you will take a short time depending on the demand of the characters you are selling. Still, as you sell everquest account, you need to be careful that you sell it to the right person. Alternatively, you can sell it to a buyer (a firm) who will sell it to individuals. This is better and a safer way to do the trade. You can opt to do this kind of trade on a long tern commercial basis and benefit from your skills. As an individual seller, you are disadvantage as you will be selling to a person you are not aware of and who may rip you off.